The castle of Blandy welcomes groups all year long, on reservation.

Visit (Without Guide)

Wander around freely and at your own pace through the castle : a permanent exhibition presents, around a big model, the history of the castle and the great families which lived there. In the courtyard and the towers, explanations enable the comprehension of the site’s history. Finally, from the parapet walks of the keep and of the surrounding walls, you will discover original points of view over the village of Blandy and its surroundings.

  • An information booklet is given at the entrance of the castle.
  • « The keys to Blandy » discovery booklets, designed for children between 6-8 and 9-12, enable young visitors to discover the castle while having fun. They are sold for 1 euro at the reception.

A Few Rules to Respect

  • Minimum : 10 people. Maximum : 30 people per group; if more people, divide into two groups.
  • Groups are welcome during the opening hours of the castle.
  • In order to protect the site, it is forbidden : to touch the objects (unless invited to do so by the guide), to drink, eat or smoke even in the courtyard, to litter.
  • Animals are not permitted, except guide dogs.